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Digging artesian aquifers

Digging artesian aquifers drawing upon the expertise of multinational and local Cos

Clearing land before cultivation

Clearing the land before cultivation using laser machine

Feasibility study for each project

Conducting Feasibility study for each project separately, testing soil and water, in addition to carrying out financial analysis

Using machines in planting olives seedlings
Establishing Irrigation Network (main and subsidiary)

Establishing Irrigation Network (main and subsidiary) seeking the help of multinational and local companies

Alternate Solar Energy Source

Solar energy source that is an alternative to electricity grid and generators with the aim of operating the irrigation pumps

Producing Olive Oil of High Quality

Producing olive oil of high quality and international trade name via squeeze in movable and unmovable plants

Using Machines for Harvest

Harvesting the crop using automatic machines and equipments

Following up Trees in a Technical way

Following up trees in a technical way in all stages of growth till the start of early production in the third year

Storing Using Scientific Methods